Blade length
12 см
Knife total length
21,5 см
Stick length
15000 rub.

Blade - Damascus

Handle - stabilized karelian birch

The blade of this knife is forged from 4 types of metal. It includes Hadfield steel taken from the finger of a tank truck from the southern front, the hull of the «Uragan» rocket that exploded over the village of Spartak near Donetsk, the shell of the lighting projectile for the D-30 howitzer found on the outskirts of Gorlovka near Golma, as well as tool steel, which became the basis for uniting around these fragments of war.

Donbass 2019. Angel Battalion Forge.

Money from the sales we aim to help residents of the frontline and gray areas.


Сопутствующие товары

1500 rub.