Blade length
12 см
Knife total length
22 см
Stick length
10000 rub.

Blade length 12 cm

 Total length of the knife 22 cm

Handle length 10 cm

Steel - 98Х18

Handle - a single fragment of 120 mine

Another shelling of a small village on the southern front began in the morning. For half an hour more than 20 shells fired from «NONA» fell on houses and streets. When the citizens were able to leave the cellars and went to the street, they saw the broken houses and the ground dug up with craters. And there were shell fragments mixed with broken glass in the courtyards.

The handle of this knife is made of one of those fragments picked up the morning after the shelling. We just processed it a little bit so that the sharp edges would not scratch the hand so much.

The blade is forged from high quality tool steel 98Х18, capable of holding a grinding point for a long time without rusting.

Donbass 2019. Angel Battalion Forge.

Money from the sales we aim to help residents of the frontline and gray areas.


Сопутствующие товары

1500 rub.