Rebel RSP

Blade length
Total length
Stick length
7000 rub.

Steel - 45
Handle - Stabilized Maple Cap
Mosaic pins


The Ax of War is designed and manufactured by the masters of the Angel Battalion Forge. The ideal assistant in field conditions. Tests conducted in the most difficult conditions confirmed its quality and reliability.

In its manufacture we decided to use high-quality tool steel 45. After quenching the hardness of the surface of this steel increases significantly, which allows to use the ax for a long time, without being distracted by its sharpening. You can open the canned food, cut branches for a long time, and it is also perfect for cutting meat. And most importantly - it is quite light, which is crucial for long hikes.

Donbass 2019. Angel Battalion Forge.

Money from the sales we aim to help residents of the frontline and gray areas.