Zveroboy MO

Blade length
13 см
Knife total length
Stick length
10000 rub.

Blade - U8A steel

Handle - Mykarta, 82 mine shell

Found in the suburbs of Debaltsevo

A 82-mm shell fragment of a mortar mine found on the outskirts of Debaltsevo near a broken house, the owners of which had managed to go to Russia a couple of days before the shelling, was inserted into the handle of this knife. Almost constant shellings literally broke apart a small house, like a child throwing cubes from a toy fortress. But what impressed me most of all was that the clock was hanging on the miraculously undamaged wall. The second hand was still quivering in an attempt to restart the countdown.

Donbass 2019. Angel Battalion Forge.

Money from the sales we aim to help residents of the frontline and gray areas.


Сопутствующие товары

1500 rub.